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Design by Didiayer

Didiayer Snyder has definitely made a name for herself when it comes to design. For well over a decade, she has successfully transformed neglected and dull rooms into functional and chic living spaces.

Early in life, Didiayer's talent for art and design became apparent when her pastime of painting and sculpting turned into a means of income. Garage sales and flea markets served as her creative playground where she discovered that one person's trash proved to be a young designer's treasure.

With design on the mind, Didiayer started to experiment in creating 3D murals for children's rooms and organizing friend's living spaces. Her fascination with organization turned into a full-time pursuit when she became a member of (NAPO) National Association of Professional Organizers and (NSGCD) National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization. By teaching others to eliminate clutter and get organized, Didiayer has helped countless self-proclaimed "pack-rats" to stay the course of functional living.

On meeting Didiayer, it's easy to see why she has become so successful. Her personality and zest for life is what influences her passion for design. All this, combined with her diverse skill set, (Didiayer is a carpenter, interior decorator, licensed home inspector, motivational speaker, philanthropist and author) is what attracted television executives.


One of the networks that took notice of her knowledge and her background as a licensed home inspector and design maven was the Travel Channel. In 2005, she became the host of the Travel Channel's hit show, Amazing Vacation Homes. It was the perfect role for this building buff.  ABC soon after requested to meet Didiayer, and in 2007 they invited her to join the Emmy Award Winning show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. After three season's on E.M.H.E, Didiayer went on to work on another Emmy Award Winning program - Clean House, on the Style Network, as well as the innovative interior designer on Home Made Simple for the OWN Network.  Her design styles have also been featured on The Nate Berkus Show and The Marie Osmond Show, and her organizational skills have been put to good use on the Giuliana and Bill show on the E! Network. 

Currently you can watch Didiayer on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on CMT, Clean House on Esquire Network, and At Home With Didiayer, her successful lifestyle program.

Over the years, Didiayer has donated her carpentry skills to organizations such as Habitat For Humanity (in 2008 Didiayer was the national ambassador for Habitat for Humanity's National builder's blitz), The Teen Project, and C.H.M.I (a non-profit that supports teacher's in Haiti) which Didiayer founded with her husband shortly after the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010).

Didiayer has many passions, especially making a difference and changing lives through design - which has definitely become a life mission for this native Australian. She currently resides in Southern California with her family, who support her devotion of giving back through the art of design.

Choose Pieces

That Reflect You

Being the passionate traveler that I am, I have had the pleasure of experiencing a number of cultures all of which have influenced my sense of design.  My palate for saturated colors and rich ornaments are my inspiration when designing any room.  However, I am most influenced by the homeowner’s wants and desires’, knowing full well it is important that their space reflect who they are.  I feel I have excelled at resolving spatial design dilemmas, as well as illuminating the value of simple theories, such as function over fashion - a plight frequently encountered when discussing a client’s dissatisfaction. 

Get Organized

I am fascinated with organization, and over the years it has turned into a full-time pursuit.  I find great pleasure in helping people eliminate confusion in their homes, by showing clients the importance of function over fashion - which doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style.  By teaching others to eliminate clutter and get organized, I have helped self-proclaimed “pack-rat’s” stay the course of functional living.  I am a current member of (NAPO) the National Association of Professional Organizers and (NSGCD) National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization. 


Getting organized is more than just buying some storage containers and dumping in odd items - just to hide them away to gather dust.  In fact, before you buy anything, you need to take the first yet most difficult step - purge!

Having too many useless items might be the root of your clutter problem.  Have you ever caught yourself saying, “let’s hold on to it - you never know when we might need it.” Or, “it could come in handy some day.”  These are sure tell tale signs of holding onto “things” that you really don’t need to embolden your current life. 

Be sure to read my blog’s on the best ways to purge, donate, and re-organize your home on my At Home With Didiayer website. 

What’s Hot In Design for Spring/Summer 2015!

May your design style reflect who you are! 

Choose toxic free paints for your home. 

Design by Didiayer


add strips to create an accent wall, like this great chevron pattern. 


use lemon to clean your sink and drains. 

Clean Organically

What are you cleaning your home with?  After you have cleaned or when you walk into your home after the cleaner has visited, do you smell that “clean” smell everyone refers to? 

Well, I would say run - why?  Clean does not have a smell.  What you are smelling are chemicals, the ones that can cause serve allergies, asthma, and even cancers.  The worst part is, our children and pets are usually closest to these toxins.

The smart way to clean - is to go natural!  There are many great companies such as Mrs. Meyers, which offer safe toxic free cleaning products. 

However, if you want to simplify it one step further, making your own cleaning products is very easy and inexpensive.  There are many simple formulas.  Visit my brand website At Home With Didiayer to learn how to make safe home made cleaning products.  Your family and the planet will thank you!

Save Water - and Go Green!

Thanks to Waterless Turf, families who enjoy grass can now do so without wasting gallons of water each day. 

I had the pleasure of working with this company on two television programs, Home Made Simple and At Home With Didiayer, and I even have it installed in my own backyard!  They truly stand behind their product.  It’s easy to install, looks and feels real, and is super durable.

For more insight on Waterless Turf go to


Here’s a Tip!

Spending 10 minutes at the end of the day to tiny up will get you on the path of having a well organized and functioning home.

When Organizing... Remember everything has a place!


Neutral furniture and walls with bold splashes of color as accents and featured statement pieces.

- Experiment with large blocks of color on walls.

- Do add printed textiles.

- Up-cycle old tired pieces of furniture with a bold color.

- Add vintage lighting that stands out.

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